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1. While trying to make a long distance call from my office, I got 911 by mistake. Why?
2. What should I do if I call 911 accidentally?
3. Who pays for 911?
4. If I dial 911 from my cell phone, will the call taker know where I am?
5. What if I don't know where I am calling from or can't speak, will the 911 call taker know where I am?
6. If I need to report a crime but it is not an emergency, should I still call 911?
7. Will I get an immediate response from the public safety agency if I call 911?
8. The 911 call taker asked for my address on a call. I thought they got the location information automatically. Doesn't that waste time to ask for it again?
9. I have a relative who is deaf and uses a special kind of phone, will it work with 911?