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Plat Application

  1. Lawrence County Planning & Zoning Department
    Plat Application

    90 Sherman Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
    Ph: 605­-578-­3871 Fax: 605-­722-6221


    * Application
    * Payment of a fees
    * All plats are due for review 22 days prior to the regularly scheduled P & Z Meeting. At this time all fees must be paid; surveyors must submit the plat checklists; application; (1) paper copy of plat at full size and to scale & (1) at 8 ½” x 11” and emailed copy.
    * County performs compliance review of plat; typical review time is 1 week per review. Any County review comments will be sent to surveyor. County will work with other County Departments during the review process. This item is repeated until County compliance is reached.
    *After compliance is determined the surveyors must submit (1) mylar of plat (11”x17” or 15”x 26”); (1) paper copy of plat; Electronic CAD drawing file of the plat emailed to the County with closure calculations for all lots/blocks, right-of-ways and survey ties ; and with required signatures in Permanent Sharpie Black Pen ONLY (Owners Signature; Notary Signature & Seal; Surveyors Signature and Seal; Signature from Road District or DOT whatever is applicable; and other signatures will be obtained by Planning & Zoning Department).
    *The Lawrence County Treasurer requires that taxes be paid in full prior to a plat being recorded. Make sure your clients do this or the plat can not be recorded.
    *Plats will be recorded the day after the approval date if all signatures are collected and taxes have been paid. Remind your clients if they have a closing on a lot do not have closing scheduled for the same day as recording.


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  5. Acknowledgement*

    The OWNER, SURVEYOR, OR AUTHORIZED AGENT, ACKNOWLEDGES: That he/she has read that he/she has read and understands the requirements set forth in the Lawrence County Subdivision Regulations and this application form; that he/she authorizes the Lawrence County Planning Department staff and designee to enter on to and inspect the above-described property; and that he/she has been advised of the fee requirements and they have been paid.


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