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Preliminary Plat Checklist


    1. Name and legal description of subdivision
    2. Name & addresses of the owner and/or developer
    3. Graphic scale; North Arrow; Legends; Keys; Preparation Date; Prepared by Statement
    4. Total acreage computed to 1/10 of an acre; current zoning; proposed use of all lots; school districts; postal areas
    5. The location of the parcel with respect to surrounding property and streets, and the names of adjoining streets within one hundred (100) feet of the subdivision
    6. If the plat is a re-plat of any former plat, the lot and block arrangement of the original plat along with its original name shall be indicated by dotted or dashed lines. Also, any revised or vacated roadways of the original plat shall be so indicated.
    7. The location of existing and proposed streets, alleys, easements and other public rights-of-way, and railroad rights-of-way; buildings, bridges, gravel pits, culverts, or other underground facilities within the tract and to a distance of one hundred (100) feet beyond the tract; also such data as grades, invert elevations and location of catch-basins, manholes and hydrants.
    8. The location and size of existing and proposed sewer systems and water systems if any; the location, size, and material type of proposed sewer and water lines; the source of water supply; storage capacity of any above ground or below ground tanks; appropriate elevation of above ground tanks and below ground tanks existing wells or pumps; proposed location of fire hydrants; all drainage courses, water bodies; and the location of existing catch basins and manholes, if any.
    9. The dimensions and areas of proposed or existing lots.
    10. The location and dimensions of all property proposed to be dedicated for public or private use.
    11. Boundary lines and name and address of property owners of adjoining platted or un-platted land within one hundred (100) feet of the tract
    12. Blocks shall be consecutively numbered, or lettered in alphabetical order.
    13. Complete topographic map with contour intervals, water courses, marshes, rock outcrops and other significant features; all superimposed on the preliminary plat.
    14. A vicinity map to include current and proposed access roads.
    15. Special flood hazard areas as delineated on current effective FEMA FIRM Map.
    16. Building setback lines shall be shown on the preliminary plat and no building or portion thereof shall be built between this line and the street line.
    17. Location and size of proposed and existing parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, churches, or school sites or other special uses of land to be considered for dedication to public use, or to be reserved by deed or covenant for the use of all property owners in the subdivision and any conditions of such dedication or reservation.
    18. All required plat certificates, seals & signatures (if using a wet stamp make sure it is legible or the plat will not be in recordable format; recommended using a black permanent fine point sharpie for all signatures).


    I am the surveyor submitting this plat to Lawrence County Planning & Zoning to be reviewed and added to the next scheduled Planning & Zoning Meeting. I do hereby acknowledge that I have reviewed this plat for errors, omissions, and all items on this checklist. I understand that Staff in the Planning and Zoning Office will not be an editor on my documents and if they are not in proper format they will be returned to me and will not be added to the agenda.

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