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Ordinance Amendment (ORD) Application


  1. 1. Ordinance Amendment Procedure
  2. 2. Ordinance Amendment Application
  • Ordinance Amendment Procedure

      THE FILING FEES FOR A ORD ARE $150.00. (Non-refundable)
      605-578-3871 or


      As part of the application process for the procedure listed above you will be required to do the following before your application is accepted.

      1. Discuss proposal with Lawrence County Planning and Zoning Department.

      2. Complete the application, sign and return with payment to the Planning Department.
      Application must include the following items:

      €A written summary explaining the proposed chnage to the ordinance and proposed wording to accommodate the change.
      € 3. You will at least 3 meetings to attend, possibly more.

      a. Informational meeting in front of Planning & Zoning
      b. Public Hearing in front of Planning & Zoning
      c. Public Hearing in front of County Commissioner

      4. You are required to do the following -
      a. Sign all documents needing your signature and return to the P & Z Office prior to the Planning & Zoning Public Hearing

      5. If you have questions ask! We are here to help.