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Final Plat Checklist


    1. Name and legal description of subdivision; Name & addresses of the owner and/or developer
    2. Graphic scale; North Arrow; Legends; Keys; Preparation Date; Prepared by Statement
    3. Location by section, township, range, County, and State, and including descriptive boundaries of the subdivision, based on an accurate traverse, giving angular and linear dimensions which must mathematically close
    4. All easements and rights-of-way which are established by this plat shall be indicated by a general note, or geometrically related to the subject lot lines. Easements that traverse across more than one lot shall be geometrically related or tied to the lot lines crossed
    5. If the plat is a re-plat of any former plat, the lot and block arrangement of the original plat along with its original name shall be indicated by dotted or dashed lines. Also, any revised or vacated roadways of the original plat shall be so indicated
    6. Location of lots, streets, public highways, alleys, parks and other features with accurate dimensions in feet and decimals of feet, with the length of radii and/or arcs of all curves, and with all other information necessary to reproduce the plat on the ground. Dimensions shall be shown from all angle points and points of a curve to lot line
    7. The location of monuments shall be shown and described on the final plat. Locations of such monuments shall be shown in reference to existing official monuments or the nearest established street lines, including true angles and distances to such reference points or monuments. Permanent markers shall be placed at each corner of every block or portion of a block, points of curvature and points of tangency on street lines, and at each angle point on the boundary of the subdivision. All property corner markers shall be in accordance with South Dakota Codified Law and South Dakota Administrative Rules. In situations where conditions prohibit the placing of markers in the locations prescribed above, offset markers will be permitted. The exact location of all markers shall be shown on the final plat, together with accurate interior angles, bearings, and distances;
    8. Dedication of all streets, alleys and other public areas not previously dedicated shall be shown on the plat
    9. Boundary lines and description of boundary lines of any areas other than streets and alleys which are to be dedicated or reserved for public use
    10. All block numbers or letters, lot numbers and lot lines with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths, and bearings and angles to street and alley lines. Lots shall be numbered clearly. If blocks are to be numbered or lettered, these shall be shown clearly in the center of the block
    11. Proposed access to the nearest public road shall be platted
    12. Whenever a platted lot (s) overlies an existing Mineral Survey(s), the amount of acreage being removed from the mineral survey (s) shall be listed as a notation on the plat
    13. All required plat certificates, seals & signatures (if using a wet stamp make sure it is legible or the plat will not be in recordable format; recommended using a black permanent fine point sharpie for all signatures)


    I am the surveyor submitting this plat to Lawrence County Planning & Zoning to be reviewed and added to the next scheduled Planning & Zoning Meeting. I do hereby acknowledge that I have reviewed this plat for errors, omissions, and all items on this checklist. I understand that Staff in the Planning and Zoning Office will not be an editor on my documents and if they are not in proper format they will be returned to me and will not be added to the agenda.

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