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Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Application


  1. 1. Conditional Use Permit Procedure
  2. 2. Conditional Use Permit Application
  • Conditional Use Permit Procedure


      THE FILING FEES FOR A CUP ARE $400 (non-refundable) plus $100 sign deposit (refundable) 

       605-578-3871 or 

    2. As part of the application process for the procedure listed above you will be required to do the following before your application is accepted.

      1. Discuss proposal with Lawrence County Planning and Zoning Department.

      2. Complete the application, sign and return with payment to the Planning Department.
      Application must include the following items:

      A. Site Plan including all that apply:

      € Proposed land uses and specific recreation services to be offered;
      € All setbacks (distance in feet from furthest most projection of structure to all lot lines and or road right-of-ways)
      € All existing and proposed structures, dimensions, design specifications and location of all facilities (i.e. pump stations, gas tanks, etc.);
      € Proposed and existing grading, drainage patterns, and landscaping;
      € Proposed and existing improvements, including sewer and water facilities, parking and roads;
      € Proposed and existing signs and locations;
      € Proposed time line of completion of plans;
      € Parking and loading plans
      € Adjacent land use;
      € Relationship of the proposed development to the surrounding area;
      € All property lines and dimensions of the lot(s)
      € Proposed and existing wells
      € Proposed and existing septic systems and drain fields
      € Any further information requested by Planning and Zoning Administrator B. A detailed letter explaining the request and including the following information:
      € A description of the activity/operation being proposed
      € Hours of operation(i.e. start time, quitting time, winter and summer hours) # of employees, # of employees reporting to site
      € Traffic in and out of business: employee, customer and delivery
       Number of vehicles on site: employee, customer, personal and business
       Number of parking places including handicap accessible.
      € Use of existing and proposed new structures including type and size
      € Outdoor storage needed: what is to be stored and location
      € Water services, sewage disposal and waste management used
      € Proposed signage including size, type and location

      3. You will have at least 3 meetings to attend, possibly more.

      a. Informational meeting in front of Planning & Zoning
      b. Public Hearing in front of Planning & Zoning
      c. Public Hearing in front of County Commissioner

      4. You are required to do the following - PRIOR to EACH Public Hearing (you do have to send notices 2 times):

      a. Sign all documents needing your signature and return to the P & Z Office prior to the Planning & Zoning Public Hearing
      b. POST NOTICE signs on property at least 10 days prior to hearing.
      c. SEND CERTIFIED AND RETURN RECEIPT Letter of Notification to each person listed in the Exhibit A provided at least 7 days prior to the hearing.

      If we do not have Proof of Mailings prior to the hearing, the hearing will be rescheduled.
      If mailings are not sent correctly, the hearing will be rescheduled.

      6. If you have questions ask! We are here to help.