2nd Amended Proposed Meeting Agenda


Meeting Information Packet

  1. GB 1 Auditors Account w Treasurer (1).pdf
  2. GB 2 Abatement Lawrence County Land Purchase (1).pdf
  3. GB 3 Letter In Support of DOT RAISE Grant (1).pdf
  4. GB 4 Personnel Weed Seasonal Hires (1).pdf
  5. GB 5 Abatement Schultz (1).pdf
  6. GB 6 Sheriff Training Request and Agreement (1).pdf
  7. GB 7 Sheriff Personnel (1).pdf
  8. GB 8 Raffle Request (1).pdf
  9. Sheriff 1 PSAP Funding Application (1).pdf
  10. Sheriff 2 Contract for Inmate Medical Services Monument Health Lead Deadwood Hospital (1).pdf
  11. Notice of Malt Beverage Renewals (1).doc
  12. Highway 1 Bridge Grant Award Notification (1).pdf
  13. Highway 2 Approach Permit Spearfish Mountain Ranch (1).pdf
  14. Highway 3 Utility Permit West Oak Brook Road (1).pdf
  15. Highway 4 Approach Permit Brownsville Road (1).pdf
  16. Highway 5 Utility Permit Elk Creek Road and Chinese Court (1).pdf
  17. Highway 6 Approach Permit Pahkamaa Road (1).pdf
  18. Supplemental Budget Notice (1).pdf
  19. 2021 Proposed Medical MJ Ordinance and Notice (2).docx
  20. Plats (1).pdf
  21. Public Safety Bldg Project Cover Letter for Programming Presentation with Revisions (1).pdf
  22. Tax Opt Out Information Guide (2).pdf
  23. Updated Public Safety Bldg Project Schematic Design Presentation with Corrected Pages 33 and 35 (1).pdf
  24. Courthouse Project 1 Renaissance Roofing Proposal (1).pdf
  25. Courthouse Project 2 Precision Construction Proposal (1).pdf
  26. Brpwn County Resolution Malt Beverage Licenses (1).DOC
  27. Model Off Sale Alcohol Policy (1).pdf
  28. Off-Sale Liquor License Model Resolution (1).pdf
  29. Senate Bill 152 Regarding Off Sale liquor Licenses (1).pdf

Additional Meeting Information - Professional Services Agreement for Public Safety and Servcies Center Project Financing


Public Safety Bldg Project Powerpoint Presentation