Owner Occupied

Owner Occupied Certification Form

The Owner Occupied form is only available for download from Nov 1 until March 15.  The .pdf form needs to be printed and filled out before submitting in person or by mail to the Lawrence County Equalization office.

Certificate of Owner Occupied Dwelling (PDF)


What is owner occupied status?

Owner occupied status does not affect your assessed value.  It will affect the mill levy (rate per thousand dollars of value) that you pay for taxes.  A property owner with owner occupied will pay a lower mill levy.  A property owner can only have owner occupied on one property, their primary residence, in South Dakota.  More information can be found in South Dakota State Statue 10-13-39.

How do I get owner occupied?

A property owner must own and occupy the property by Nov 1 to be able to apply for owner occupied.  Print and fill out the form from the website or wait to receive the form from the Equalization office.  Return the form to the Equalization office postmarked on or before March 15.  The dates of Nov 1 (assessment date) & March 15 are set by South Dakota State Statue 10-13-40 and are not negotiable.

When can I get an owner-occupied form?

Owner occupied forms are available in November of each year.  Lawrence County Equalization, as a courtesy, mails out the owner occupied forms the third week of November to any property owner that has filed a transfer over at the Lawrence County Register of Deeds or has called in to request a form.

Any other questions on owner occupied, please call Lawrence County Equalization at 605-578-3680.

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