Stuffed With Love

Stuffed with love

Derreld and Chris Hallenbeck distribute stuffed teddy bears and toys to the Sheriff's Offices, Police Departments, and Fire Departments of Lawrence and Butte county. The teddy bears and toys are for distribution at emergencies where young children are accident victims or victims of family abuse. The toys are vacuum sealed to keep them clean and out of the elements while in patrol cars and other emergency vehicles.

The Hallenbecks

The Hallenbecks purchase many of the toys, and some are donated. The couple is willing to pick up clean toys for their distribution efforts. "We purchase rolls of vacuum seal and machine to do it, then spend hours sealing them for distribution, which is fun after all the work, knowing it is for a good cause," Derreld said. "I intend to do this as long as I can and maybe someone can pick up where we left off."

Sheriff's Office Comment

"The stuffed animals provided to the Sheriff's Office will be utilized during incidents where children are involved," said Lawrence County Chief Deputy, Paul Hansen. "Oftentimes these stuffed animals provide a layer of comfort for the children during an otherwise unsettling time. We really appreciate the thoughtful donation and the commitment to community displayed by Mr. and Mrs. Hallenbeck."