Coffee with a Cop

Coffee with a Cop - 2

As part of a mission to get to know their constituency a little bit better and in order to reach as many residents as possible, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office held two Coffee with a Cop sessions recently.

Interview With Sheriff Dean & Sheriff's Office

Lawrence County Sheriff Brian Dean said the event is being held in association with the National “Coffee with a Cop” concept and invites everyone to meet their deputies in a unique setting.


‘’Our office is about relationships,” Dean said. “’Coffee with a Cop’ is an opportunity designed to amplify communications between citizens and the law enforcement officers that are in their service. This is an opportunity to voice your concerns and to provide feedback regarding the service we are providing; it’s a chance to build relationships and to talk about our community over a cup of coffee.”

Open Communication

Sergeant Matthew McCroden said the event is designed to open the doors of communication between the community and the sheriff’s office. “We want the community to just get to know us as people, what our feelings are, and what we’re like as people,” McCroden said. “It’s a good event for people to come in and just get to know us as people.”

“We care about the community,” McCroden said. “Sheriff Brian Dean is a big supporter of this and we all care about the citizens of Lawrence County. We feel it’s a good way to build relationships, for them to be able to come talk to us. We want people to know we’re there for them. Any situation, big or small. What might be seen as a big issue to them might be something we could help out with. We want the public to know we care about every problem they have.”

About the Program

A couple of officers will attend each event and be available to speak with residents, the main goal of Coffee with a Cop. “There’s no agenda, no speeches, it’s just designed for the public, the people we serve, to come in and get to know the sheriff’s office,” McCroden said.

National Event

Coffee with a Cop is a national event that first began in California in 2011. McCroden said Lawrence County Sheriff Brian Dean instituted the program locally.

Thanks to Partners

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office thanked Lotus Up and City Brew for partnering with them in this outreach. “Please join us for this relaxed and candid conversation opportunity and get to know the folks who serve the citizens of Lawrence County,” Dean said.