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Subdivision & Zoning Ordinances

The Lawrence County Subdivision & Zoning Ordinances are now available through American Legal Publishing. This offers a searchable database instead of a pdf document. Please click on the link Lawrence County Subdivision & Zoning Ordinance  to visit the new site. Once there you can click on View Code to review the current standards as well as print what you would like. 

Proposed Ordinance Revisions

ORD 19-01 Chapter 3-8 Subdivision Ordinance

ORD 19-01 Chapter 3 Definitions (Zoning Ordinance)

ORD 19-01 Chapter 6 District Regulations (Zoning Ordinance)

ORD 19-01 Chapter 10 Additional Use Regulations - Guest Houses (Zoning Ordinance)

ORD 19-01 Chapter 13 Building Permits (Zoning Ordinance)