The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of all county primary and secondary roads, to include snow removal and sanding, grading and road repair. This does not include municipal roads, Forest Service roads, U.S. Highways, state roads or Interstate 90.

Permits                                    ROW Ordinance

Commercial approach permit

Private approach permit

Permit to occupy a county highway ROW

Utility permit to bore under a county road

Road specifications for approach permits

Send your completed permit to any of the following email addresses, abonnema@lawrence.sd.us, dbracha@lawrence.sd.us or krear@lawrence.sd.us 

  Permits can also be dropped off at the LC Highway shop in Central City.

  1. Steve Ryan

    Deadwood Foreman

  2. John Bey

    Spearfish Foreman

  3. Norm Burleson

    Deadwood Assistant Foreman

  4. Cory Sheeler

    Spearfish Assistant Foreman

  1. Richard Stanger

  1. James Burnitt

  1. John Cooper

  1. Jacob Ford

  1. Toby Harley

  1. Jeff Harper

  1. Josh Herman

  1. Gerald Holen

  1. Mark Larimore

  1. Mike Magnusson

  1. Justin Mattson

  1. Brady Maynard

  1. Paul Nelson

  1. Mark Patino

  1. Robert Skavang