On 2/21/2024, we were informed by the post office that mail sent from the Deadwood post office is now shipped to Rapid City and then on to Sioux Falls to be sorted. Expect & plan for longer than normal mail times from here on out.

***Applications for the 2024 Assessment Freeze for Elderly & Disabled are now available. Applications and required documentation must be turned in to the Treasurer's Office no later than April 1, 2024.   

2024 Assessment Freeze Application


Effective 9/26/2023, until further notice, Lawrence County will no longer sell tax certificates. 


The state office has had a number of businesses applying for titles under fictitious names. In order to confirm these businesses are valid, it is now required to supply copies of the corporation, LLC, and other papers where they are filed and registered in their home state. This applies to all businesses, whether or not they are doing business in South Dakota. Any business, LLC, or corporation must supply copies of these papers for verification when doing a title transfer.


Effective 7/1/2023, the State of South Dakota will no longer sell temporary permits for any ATVs or UTVs. An annual decal will be sold for $50.00, plus a mailing fee of $1.50. Required documents include copy of driver's license and proof of social security number for ALL owners, proof of ownership (title or registration--if state does not issue titles or registrations, insurance card can be used), and a revised Form 1030, Non-Resident Off-Road Vehicle Permit Application. (See link for All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Decals)

Decals can be purchased through the county office or online through the state. Documents can be mailed to the Treasurer's office or emailed to If you submit the form directly through the attached link, it will be processed and mailed from the state office in Pierre. Please allow 7-10 days for mail time. Mail is processed in the order it is received. As these are now actual decals, they can not be emailed back to you. These are not available for South Dakota residents--they must license the units. 

Be advised, these decals are ONLY valid in the state of South Dakota.


Effective 3/15/2023, mailing fees for plates and registrations have increased. License plate mailing fees have increased to $7.50 (previously $5.00) and registration mailing fees have increased to $1.50 (previously $1.00).


South Dakota is issuing a new series of license plates beginning January 2, 2024. Trailer plates and commercial plates will be reissued. The mailing fee for a registration only remains $1.50 each but the mailing fee for vehicles requiring the new plate will be $7.50 each. This will apply to anything done via mail, online, or through a kiosk. 

Registrations are mailed with all new license plates. The white envelope that the plates are sent in has a pocket in the front of the envelope for the registration. You should find it there or in the bag the license plates are packed in.


Effective 9/14/2022, the state of South Dakota requires proof of tax paid be submitted for vehicles being transferred from another state when the title issue date is within two years of the current date. This can include a receipt or a completed Form 1004 Out-of-State Dealer Tax Assessment from the dealer it was purchased from, a receipt from the state, or other official documentation showing the amount of tax paid. A copy of the bill of sale listing tax due is not the same as a paid receipt.

An out of state title in the applicant's name that is issued more than 2 years from the current date is sufficient proof of taxes paid unless the title indicates otherwise or unless the state did not collect 4% tax. Those vehicles will be booked out in NADA and charged that additional tax. See "Titles & Licensing" for states that collect less than 4%.


Effective 8/26/2022, when titling a vehicle into a trust, the state of South Dakota now requires a copy of the trust agreement to verify the trustees. This must be submitted for EVERY title transfer done.


Effective 7/1/2022, the state of South Dakota no longer allows ANY golf carts to be licensed. Any golf cart that currently has a license plate can not be renewed.


There is a motor vehicle self-service kiosk located inside the Spearfish Rec & Aquatics Center at 122 Recreation Lane in Spearfish. It is available during business hours only.

Locations for kiosks in Pennington County are:

  1. Rapid City DOR Office, 221 Mall Drive (open 24 hours)

  2. Pennington Co Admin Building, 130 Kansas City Street, Suite 250

  3. Driver's License Exam Office, 1301 East Catron Blvd

Motor Vehicle Kiosk


Any person with an out of state driver's license must provide physical proof of social security number in order to transfer a title, purchase a vehicle permit, or an ATV decal. This must be provided for EVERY transaction. Examples would be social security card, pay stub, W2, or 1099 - no numbers can be crossed out; it must show the full social security number. If you are unsure that you have the correct documentation, please call our office to verify.


As of July 12, 2021, we can no longer accept payment in the form of check from any person with a PMB and no physical address in South Dakota. Payment must be made by cash, credit card, or money order.



Send payment with parcel numbers or payment stubs off of tax notices. If you’re unsure of your amounts due, call or email Treasurer’s office for correct amounts due. Payments can also be made through one of our online services-they will add a service charge.


Send renewal card or renewal letter with payment, including mailing fee noted on the card/letter. Include South Dakota driver's license number or social security number so we can locate you in our system. If there are vehicles you are not renewing on the card, cross them off. If you do not have your renewal notice or are unsure of amounts due, call or email the Treasurer’s office for correct amounts due. Payments can also be made through one of our online services. If you have a South Dakota driver’s license or ID number, you can renew your plates through the state site at You can also use the self-service kiosk at the Spearfish Rec & Aquatics Center or one of the kiosks in Rapid City.


Required documentation for vehicle purchase:

  1. Completed and signed South Dakota Application for Title & Registration (there is a link for the form in the left hand column on this page - Form 1001)
  2. Original title or MSO/MCO, signed by buyer and seller both
  3. Bill of sale or purchase agreement
  4. Any other documentation dealer may send with your title including POA, dealer reassignment, odometer disclosure, lien release, etc. Any leased vehicles will require a POA and copy of lease agreement.
  5. Copy of driver’s license and proof of Social Security Number if your license is out of state
  6. Copy of South Dakota driver’s license if this is the first vehicle to be put in your name in South Dakota

Required documentation to transfer title for a vehicle already in your name from another state:

  1. Completed and signed South Dakota Application for Title & Registration (there is a link for the form in the left hand column on this page- Form 1001)
  2. Original title
  3. Any leased vehicle will require a POA and copy of lease agreement
  4. Copy of driver’s license and proof of Social Security Number if your license is out of state
  5. Copy of South Dakota driver’s license if this is the first vehicle to be put in your name in South Dakota
  6. Proof of tax paid in previous state. This is required for all vehicle transfers from another state made within two years of the out of state title issue date. Any vehicles purchased from a dealer can use an Out-of-State Dealer Tax Assessment Form (Form 1004) showing tax was paid. Additional tax may be due depending on where the vehicle was previously titled. See "Titles & Licensing" page for specifics.

Things to include with documents:

  1. Contact phone number
  2. License plate number, if you have a valid plate to use from a vehicle you sold or traded in
  3. Number of wheels on vehicle/trailer/RV
  4. If purchase is an ATV/UTV/side by side and you wish to license it, include completed and signed Form 1015-Low Speed and Off Road Vehicle Affidavit (most recent affidavit no longer requires notarization)
  5. For trailer or RV that does not already have a South Dakota title, include printed weight ticket or other physical proof of the empty/shipping weight of the vehicle if it’s not on title
  6. If titling a trailer, include dimensions.

If you have additional paperwork, are missing paperwork, or if you’re unsure if you need to send something, call or email Treasurer’s office before mailing documentation. Nothing on the title can be crossed off or whited out, as the title is a legal document. If this has occurred, contact our office for further instructions.

Payments can be made with check or through our online service. As we cannot provide you with an exact amount due without first seeing your title work, if you send a check you will need to make it out to "Lawrence County Treasurer", sign it, and leave the amount blank. We will fill in the amount when we receive your paperwork. Out of state checks are only accepted if you own property in Lawrence County. Otherwise you can pay with credit card through one of our online services. For a breakdown of fees that may be due, see our "Titles and Licensing" page. Mail all documentation and payments to Lawrence County Treasurer, PO Box 394, Deadwood, SD 57732.


South Dakota’s Application for Motor Vehicle/Boat Title (Form 1001) must be included with all paperwork. (There is a link for the most current version of this form at the top of this page.) If your purchase is from a South Dakota dealer, this should already be included in your title work. The following needs to be filled out on the application:

  1. Section A: Mark whether this is a boat or motor vehicle transfer (trailers are classified as motor vehicles)
  2. Section B: Include the following vehicle information - VIN/HIN, Year, Make, Model, Color, Odometer reading (if vehicle is 20 years old or newer). If this is for a watercraft, also include Length, Hull material, boat type, and propulsion type
  3. Section C: Include name of each person who will be on the new title, as well as address and "Identification #" (SD driver’s license or ID number or SSN), and type of ownership (or, and, trust, etc.)
  4. Section D: Title mailing address if different than owner’s address
  5. Section E: Contact name, email address, and phone number
  6. Section F: Skip this section (If purchase is from a dealer, they may fill this section out)
  7. Section G: If there is a lienholder, include their name and address
  8. Section H: Printed name and signature of owners

***If you have a question about filling out the application for title, please contact our office before you mail your paperwork.


The Treasurer’s Office is best known by the public for issuing motor vehicle licenses and collecting property taxes. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting all taxes (real estate, mobile home taxes, and special assessments) for the County, Cities, and School.

Titles & Licenses

The Treasurer’s Office titles and licenses all new and used motor vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, snowmobiles and boats, releases and notarizes motor vehicle liens, and assists taxpayers in applying for duplicate motor vehicle title and permits.

Receiving & Managing

The Treasurer receives and accounts for all revenue collected by all County offices and is responsible for managing the County’s investments. In addition, the Treasurer is responsible for submitting monthly remittance payments to the State as required by law.

Application Assistance

In addition to collecting taxes and other forms of revenue, the Treasurer assists senior and disabled citizens file applications for property tax relief - applications are available January 2 at the Treasurer’s Office and must be returned to the Treasurer’s Office by March 31. 

Distress Warrants

In conjunction with the State Departments of Revenue and Labor, the Treasurer issues distress warrants to the Sheriff’s Office in the event of non-payment of state sales taxes or unemployment insurance.

When you pay by check, you authorize us to use its information to process an electronic funds transfer (EFT). When we use information from your check to make an electronic fund transfer, funds may be withdrawn from you account as soon as the same day you make your payment.