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The Corrections section is responsible for housing and caring for inmates being held at the Lawrence County Jail.

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The following information is an excerpt from the Rules and Regulations Manual of the Lawrence County Jail. These rules and regulations are in place to assure an orderly and humane stay while you are a resident of the Lawrence County Jail.


All clothing, jewelry, wallets, etc., that you wore when you were booked into the jail have been inventoried and stored securely and will be returned to you when you are released from jail. The only property of a personal nature that you are allowed in your cell is that which is given to you by the Jailer. You will mark your last name on all whites that come up to the jail. You are only allowed 3 each of socks and underwear. Any violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action against you. Upon entry to the jail you are issued jail attire for your safety and security, as well as for the facility and staff.


Money that you had with you at the time you were booked into jail has been secured. Any amount you spend will be deducted from your account. When you are released from jail the balance of your money will be returned to you. While in jail, money may be added to your account. Personal checks will Not be accepted for deposit into your account, either in person or through the mail. Only cash, money order, or cashiers check will be accepted in person. Only money orders or cashiers check will be accepted in the mail. NO CASH THROUGH THE MAIL.

You may be allowed to release money from your account to members of your family, your attorney, bondsman, your visitor of your choice, or clergy. you must sign a release for the money from your account and to whom it will be released. Approval of the release must be obtained from the Jailer before such release is made. Your money or property cannot be released or transferred to another inmate. You are not allowed to have money on your person or in your cell while you are in jail. A violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action against you.


The jail supplies the following at no charge: soap, jail paper and envelopes, pencils (1 per inmate) as needed. Commissary is once a week on Mondays. Only 18 food items are allowed each time. We will substitute if requested. Commissary slips will be legible or they will not get filled.


Inmates may request a haircut. They will fill out a request form and give it to the Jailers. All haircuts will be paid for by the inmate requesting the haircut.


You may write letters to anyone as often as you wish, provided your letters do not in any way violate U.S. Postal regulations. To send letters you must do the following: Show your full name and the address of the jail in the upper right hand corner of the envelope. You are not allowed to seal the envelope unless it is legal mail. In the case of legal mail you may deal the envelope in the presence of a Jailer. Give the letter to the jailer for mailing. Incoming and outgoing letters sent will be opened and inspected for contraband, or any other matter of concern for the jail regarding security, safety, and control. Postage stamps and portions of the envelope may be removed by the Jailer. The jail will provide 1 stamp a day for any out going mail. There will be no drawing and pictures on envelopes. The Post Master will not accept them.

Please advise the people who may write you to do the following:

1. Show their name and address on the envelope.
2. Show your full name (the name by which you were booked into jail).
3. No sexually explicit materials will be allowed.
4. U.S. mail will not be withheld from you as a form of punishment.
5. Jail address is:
(Inmate Name)
Lawrence County Jail
PO Box 405
78 Sherman ST.
Deadwood SD 57732


The regulation jail clothing that has been issued to you is your prescribed dress while you are in jail. You are required to keep the clothing clean. Do not tear, mark, or alter it in any way. Clothing and whites will be washed twice weekly. Anytime you come out of the jail cell you will dress in full uniform. Sleeves and pant legs will be unrolled. In the event you are scheduled for a court appearance that requires you to be dressed in street clothes, you will be permitted too use the clothing that you wore when you entered the jail. your family may be permitted to bring you one set of clothing to the jail for you to wear in court if your clothes are inappropriate. Following your court all clothes brought in will be picked up. You will wear your jail uniform any time you leave the jail cell. You will only be allowed to wear your own clothes to your jury trial only unless otherwise ordered by the Court.


The services of a notary public are available to inmates without costs. To have a document notarized ask a Jailer.


You are prohibited from having certain items while you are in jail, and the possession of any contraband is a serious offense for which you may be disciplined and criminally charged. Items which you may not have in addition to those listed in various sections of this handbook are: Alcoholic beverages, and narcotic drug, tobacco product, weapons or items that could be used to inflict pain of injury, keys, non-regulation clothing, gasoline, lighter fluid, matches, and all other items not approved by the jailer.


Inmates with routine, or non-serious medical complaints will advise the jailer, and who in return will advise the Jail Administrator via Medical Request Form. The Administrator will make an appointment for the earliest possible time with a resident physician at the Black Hills Medical Center. The Administrator will make arrangements for transportation of the inmate to the medical facility.

Inmates with serious or emergency medical problems requiring immediate attention will if conditions exists, be provided with emergency medical treatment by the jailer using medical equipment provided for in the jail. The jailer will also request emergency transportation for the inmate, of the type that the jailer deems appropriate, whether it be ambulance or patrol car. Emergency medical treatment will be provided until arrival of such transportation to the emergency room of the Northern Hills General Hospital or the Black Hills Medical Center.

All inmates who are sentenced by the 8th Circuit Courts will be responsible for paying a board and room fee of $6.00 per day for incarceration. The sentenced inmate will also be responsible for his or her medical, dental, optometry, and psychiatric service charges and chemical dependency treatment charges and prescribed medication under a physicians care. All prescribed medication will be given out by the Jailer as is prescribed on the bottle unless the Dr. changes the dosage.


Each inmate has a privilege and an opportunity to use the recreation facility provided. The normal hours of recreation are from 0730 till 1700 Monday through Friday. Weekends are at the discretion of the Jailer. The normal time limit for rec. is forty-five (45) minutes. Before using the area, the inmate will sign a release form absolving the Jail from responsibility for any injury sustained directly or indirectly from the use of the outdoor or indoor equipment. Recreation call will be made by the Jailer. Any inmate not wishing to use the areas will not be allowed to use it at a later time in the day. The inmate must go when asked by the Jailer. Any misusing or abusing the equipment or causing problems or becoming unruly will loose his privilege to use the rec. room indefinitely. Talking with people outside of the rec. area will result in loss of recreation. Recreation equipment will remain where it is at and not be moved outside. This will result in loss of Recreation.


There will be no tobacco products allowed in the jail. This includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and chew. There will be no matches or lighters allowed in the jail.


Inmates have the privilege of receiving a reasonable number of visitors and visitation from friends and relatives. Visiting hours will be conducted according to the following schedule:

Min. 1 and Women’s Sunday 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Min. 2 and Max Saturday 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Min. 1 and Women’s Thursday 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Min. 2, Min. 3,  Max and W/R Tuesday 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Min. 3 and W/R Saturday 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Visitation will be conducted in the visiting room. This area has a capacity of two inmates and two visitors. Separating of inmates and visitors if effected by the use of a glass partition. Verbal communication is conducted over telephone intercoms. Visitation will be of the "no physical contact" type. At no time will visitors and inmates be allowed physical contact or any type or nature. The procedure for visitation will be as follows, the visitor will leave any packages, purses, or other such articles with the jailer or dispatcher, the visitor will be taken to the visiting room and the inmate will be brought down from the jail and put on the other side of the visiting room. The jailer can conduct a frisk or body search upon the visitor to determine if the visitor has possession of any weapons or contraband. If in the case of a female visitor, the dispatcher or matron will conduct the search. Searches are discretionary on the part of the jailer. Visitors possessing. weapons or contraband, may be detained or held by officers for investigation of possessions of such articles.

Visitors possessing common pocket knives, or sheath knives or any other articles that may be used as weapons will leave them with the jailer or dispatcher. The jailer will then escort the visitor to the jail, and into the visiting room. The visitor will be secured in the room, by locking the door. The jailer will then retrieve the inmate from the cell block and place him or her on the opposite side of the room by locking the security door. The visit will then begin. Visits will be limited to ten (10) minutes. At the discretion of the jailer visits may last longer than 10 minutes if no other visitors are waiting to visit other inmates.

Upon conclusion of the visit, the jailer will place the inmate in the cell block. He will then release the visitor from the visiting room and escort them to the reception area. All personal property with the exception of contraband will be returned to the visitor. Unruly, loud, drunk, "high", or uncooperative visitors will not be allowed to visit inmates and may be ejected from the building in necessary. Visiting privileges may be revoked for any and all inmates if necessary for security or disciplinary actions. On occasions special visits may be allowed by the administration to relatives of inmates for the following reasons:

1. prior to the inmate departure to another facility, where the regular visiting hours do not permit visiting within reasonable amount of time.

2. long distances traveled to visit an inmate and time does not permit a visit on scheduled days.

3. working conditions do not permit visiting on scheduled visiting days or hours. No person will leave a young child or children unattended in the Sheriff office waiting area, while visiting with an inmate. All visits in the jail will be logged on the appropriate log form by jailers and dispatchers. All visits by attorneys and clergy will be logged on the appropriate forms.



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